Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stained Glass Contests

Seems that even during a sluggish economy glass folks still know how to support vendors with sponsorship opportunities with contests that revolve around creativity.

For example...(click to visit >>) StainedGlassville is having a contest  with some interesting twists. Members will participate in choosing the stained glass pattern design concept for a new book. With a simple idea or suggestion based on the theme for the book "Center Motifs" they will be awarded a prize if their idea chosen by the author.

The pattern will then be drawn up for the second leg of the contest where a first completed stained glass piece from the design gets a prize and finally the members piece of the most creative use of the pattern voted by their piers.

Finally the stained glass work chosen in the final vote will be used on the cover of the new book along with credits inside to all of the contest winners.
Contest is open to all SGV members and all projects will be viewable by both members and casual visitors to the forum.

Another contest currently running over at (click to visit) Artisan's of Glass (AOG) where the theme is "Spring".
The contest "Spring Forward" requires participants to include a reasoning how their project relates in theme to spring and will be judged on this by a member poll. Two categories or options are available... "Cold Glass" and "Hot Glass". Entries must meet certain criteria with minimal requirements.

AOG's contest is open and viewable for members only.