Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Stained Glass Website Backgrounds

I'm working on a new website offering free graphics of stained glass window backgrounds for use on websites, blogs, twitter or anywhere you want.
Please add feedback or if you use one of these patterns I would love to know :)

Free Stained Glass Backgrounds

Here's a few examples...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free Christmas Stained Glass Patterns

I've been doing a little looking around online for free holiday stained glass patterns. Found quite a few! Please respect the artist's copyright and use policies :)

Angel with Harp by Alpine Glass
Angel Carrying Harp sun catcher by Alpine Glass
Angel Teddy Bear Stained Glass Christmas Pattern
Apple Wreath
Candle Night Light by Spectrum Glass
Christmas Bells
Christmas Collection
Christmas Candle
Coca Cola Santa
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread House 3D project
Holiday Bow
Holly and Chickadee
Holly Medallion
Holly and Mistletoe Candle Holder
Lion and Lamb
Running Santa
Santa by Spectrum Glass
Santa Claus with Bag of Toys
Skating Snowman
Star Snowflake
Stocking by John Reid
Turkey and Cranberries (works for Thanksgiving too)
Turtle on Skiis by Paned Expressions Studio's
Suncatchers with Austrian Crystals
Easy Christmas Sun Catchers by Warner
Xmas Lantern by Vit-Mar

snowman stained glass pattern

WARNING: You may spend too much time on my blog and miss out on holiday shopping.
Here's a great time saver everyone would love to get from Santa...

If you would like to share a web link to a free holiday stained glass pattern please leave a comment below. We'll add it asap!

Stained Glass Weather Vane

I really enjoyed doing this small panel of a clients friends weather vane.
The process is using copper overlay that is bead soldered then set over the field of the panel. The window accents were done with paint fired in a kiln. I also used copper patina then overlapped that with black to get a nice weathered bronze finish on the geese and left the roof top a copper patina which is also using an overlay with copper and solder.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tiffany Peacock Stained Glass Installed

Only regret was the dark and gloomy day that didn't make a great photo opportunity.
I did get a nice shot of the setting area with the tub and some of the amazing tile work.

Here's a close up of the head area...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Custom Tiffany Peacock Pattern

Work in progress is this peacock window designed from a Tiffany Studios original stained glass window. The challenge for me is to expand the design to fit the clients eyebrow shaped window opening. I added additional balusters and some more background detail including another boat. The overall size when finished is 57" wide by 50" tall.

peacock stained glass design

I'll post more images during the work progress and when the finished panel is installed.

Here's the finished window precariously hanging onto my bench.
I should have better photo's once installed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiffany Peacock Stained Glass Panel Progress

I have one side soldered and now am using the whole bench to flip over the panel. It's nearly impossible to do otherwise and without reinforcement bars. Bars will be installed later once the back side is finished and I flip it back over.
Turning a large window this way is very easy to do and is quite safe. There is a lip at the bottom of the window held securely to the bench with 2 1/2" deck screws preventing the panel from sliding off. I also attached 2 support braces on either side of the bench to keep the whole process at a good angle to easily lift the glass off and turn it around.

I'll post more photos as I go along :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Old & New Stained Glass Comes Together

I restored the old medallions for the church and await the committee approval on my proposed drafts. Using windows from the soon to be demolished old church by inserting them in a newly constructed stained glass window is both challenging and rewarding.

Restorations included removing bulging, repairing a few pieces of glass, cleaning and re-weatherproofing or cementing the window. The original perimeter lead was also replaced with new 3/8" flat lead that matches the rest of the window. This new lead will accept the new surrounding pieces of glass and be easier to solder to. The small trick in replacing the old perimeter lead is to carefully cut it mid way on the outside glass segments and gently heat up the old solder joints to release the old lead.
Cutting the lead allows you to rock free the old lead without twisting the attaching lead you are keeping. Once the old lead is removed you now have a tinned area to attach the new lead. Without this tinned area soldering becomes nearly impossible due to the oxidation of the old window. In this case the windows are over 100 years old.
The original lead held up remarkably well for it's age and doesn't need replacing.

I am bidding on an eyebrow transom "Good Shepherd", two sidelites and matching half round panels. This will complete the entry way of the church.

Sidelite panel with top 1/2 round

Eyebrow Transom

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Halloween Stained Glass Patterns

It's that time again to gear up with spooky glass themes!

Here is a listing of free Halloween patterns I came across you may like. Be sure to check permissions from the artists as they differ in restrictions of use. Oh yeah... Don't forget to stock up on orange and black glass!
If you know of any other free Halloween patterns I missed, please comment below this post and I'll add it to the listing.

FREE Halloween e-Book!

(click to get yours instantly now!)

Jillian Sawyer's "Witchcraft" depicts a cauldron adorned by a black cat. Visit Jillians website.

Easy Witch Pattern- Offered by Warner.

Witch in Flight- Very well laid out and simple enough for any beginner. Pattern offered by Vit-Mar.

Scarecrow with Crow
Nice detailed instructions on how to make this project. Offered by The Kaleidoscope Stained Glass

Collection of Halloween Patterns by Tiffany Glaskunst. Site in German by graphically navigable.

Spider Web With Face Interesting pattern of a spooky face imbedded into a spiders web by The Larkins.

Large Skull and Grim Reaper Ghost by Fantasy in Glass

Pumpkin Download and Halloween Lamp Pattern by Delphi Glass

Set of Easy Halloween Patterns "Pumpkin, Ghost and Bat" offered by Alpine Stained Glass. They also offer free pattern where you can create your own pumpkin face for fusing projects. While your there be sure to grab these cute bat patterns. Free of course :)

Free Fusible Halloween Projects by Glass Art Patterns include...
Hoot Owl", "Halloween Witchy Pumpkin", "Fused Glass Pumpkin Plate", "Halloween Fused Glass Panel", "Fused Glass Spooky Light", and "Fused Glass Halloween Plate".
That all should keep you hot glass folks busy!

Updated 9/13/09
Found a really neat free spider pattern from Vit-Mar. Went looking around some more and stumbled across this spider panel set also from Vit-Mar.

Skull Pirate with Crossed Swords is offered free from "FreeStainedGlassDesign. com". The pattern along with all of the others they have are available in "eye" (GlassEye), "pdf" (Adobe Acrobat) and good ole "JPEG" (Joint Photographic Experts Group) formats.

And of course... Our free Halloween stained glass patterns.

If you have a website offering free Halloween stained glass patterns or know of any I missed please comment below. Thanks :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celtic Knot Transom Panel

I recently finished this stained glass window using a simple but interesting Celtic knot design. These patterns are a bit tricky to layout initially but in time you get the overlapping right and it all looks good in the end.
Baroque clear glass was used for the main background. A medium green 50 mm faceted jewel for the center, a wispy green by Spectrum for the ribbon and a soft seeded amber by KOG for the inner background.
This panel is centered between two of the same size but contain a simple clear beveled star surrounded by again Baroque clear. The 3 panel set is very attractive overall.

Celtic Knot Stained Glass

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Book of Floral Patterns, Second Edition Revised and Expanded

The Ultimate Design Source book for Artists and Crafters by Lora S. Irish.
Looks like a great resource book for any craft including stained glass. The newly expanded second edition promises hundreds of hand drawn floral design that are perfect for craft projects in many medias.
To read more on this new exciting book visit... Great Book of Floral Patterns.

Floral Craft Patterns

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peace Dove Transom Window

Here is my latest stained glass pattern where I just finished numbering the drawing. There are a total of 395 pieces of glass to this 3 panel set. The ribbon area will have the saying "Be Strong in the Lord" and "Peace Be With you". The bottom corner areas will have accents of dogwood flowers.
The panel set will be installed in the transom of a local church with beveled glass sidelites beneath. Overall size is 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall.
I'll take photos when the installation is complete...

Here's a picture of the finished stained glass.
peace dove stained glass entry

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free St. Patrick's Day Stained Glass Patterns

I had so much fun looking for Valentine's day patterns I couldn't help doing it again for St. Patty's Day. If you know of any I missed let me know in the comment area below. Thanks to all of the creative glass artists who offer these terrific stained glass patterns.

St. Patrick's Day Patterns courtesy of Down East Stained Glass.

Shamrock Celtic Knot "Celtic Luck"- Free St. Patricks Day stained glass pattern offered by CIL Glassworks!

St. Patrick's Holiday Clover- Free glass pattern offered by Alpine Stained Glass. Download the pdf pattern here: PDF Clover Pattern.

Irish Brew- Toast the holiday green with a lucky mug.

St. Patrick's Hat with Rainbow- Another free St. Patty's day pattern from Alpine Stained Glass.

St. Paddy Day Patterns
- from Warner Stained Glass.

Fighting Leprechaun- "The Fighting Irish" Notre Dame logo ready for stained glass.

Leprechaun Running- "Running Irishman" by Fantasy in Glass.

Victorian Shamrock Panel- Free glass pattern available from "FREE stained glass patterns"

Lucky Shamrock in Circle Border- By Glass Crafters Stained Glass. PDF download.

Shamrock Cluster- From Pete's Place Studio. Visit Pete and say hi :)

Simple Shamrock- Easy to do stained glass pattern by the Glass Sorcery. Go to their site for more free patterns and glass tips.

Claddagh Stained Glass Pattern- Irish symbol for love.

Claddagh in Celtic Wreath- Stained glass pattern by Chantal Pare.

Celtic Fan Light
- Free pattern for light base by the Glass Sorcery.