Friday, September 18, 2009

Old & New Stained Glass Comes Together

I restored the old medallions for the church and await the committee approval on my proposed drafts. Using windows from the soon to be demolished old church by inserting them in a newly constructed stained glass window is both challenging and rewarding.

Restorations included removing bulging, repairing a few pieces of glass, cleaning and re-weatherproofing or cementing the window. The original perimeter lead was also replaced with new 3/8" flat lead that matches the rest of the window. This new lead will accept the new surrounding pieces of glass and be easier to solder to. The small trick in replacing the old perimeter lead is to carefully cut it mid way on the outside glass segments and gently heat up the old solder joints to release the old lead.
Cutting the lead allows you to rock free the old lead without twisting the attaching lead you are keeping. Once the old lead is removed you now have a tinned area to attach the new lead. Without this tinned area soldering becomes nearly impossible due to the oxidation of the old window. In this case the windows are over 100 years old.
The original lead held up remarkably well for it's age and doesn't need replacing.

I am bidding on an eyebrow transom "Good Shepherd", two sidelites and matching half round panels. This will complete the entry way of the church.

Sidelite panel with top 1/2 round

Eyebrow Transom

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