Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celtic Knot Transom Panel

I recently finished this stained glass window using a simple but interesting Celtic knot design. These patterns are a bit tricky to layout initially but in time you get the overlapping right and it all looks good in the end.
Baroque clear glass was used for the main background. A medium green 50 mm faceted jewel for the center, a wispy green by Spectrum for the ribbon and a soft seeded amber by KOG for the inner background.
This panel is centered between two of the same size but contain a simple clear beveled star surrounded by again Baroque clear. The 3 panel set is very attractive overall.

Celtic Knot Stained Glass


Carolyn said...

Hi--I was wondering if I could purchase a pattern for this transom panel; a friend wants me to make a similar panel. What are the dimensions of the one you made? thanks for any info you can provide

DESG said...

I believe it was 28-30" wide by 10" tall. In a word program you can easily re-size and print it.
If you are unsure about doing this yourself send me the dimensions and I'll email you the full sized version.