Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stained glass pattern using page folds

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Here's an example how to create a stained glass pattern using page folds. The original draft in the upper right section is easily tranferred (mirrored) into the bottom right section of the pattern.
Now you can fold the pattern on the vertical line and transfer the design to the left side of the pattern. Once done you now have a completed pattern that can be duplicated onto a working copy for templates. The original drawing is used for constructing the stained glass window.

Stained glass expose from Chicago

A colorful slide show of antique stained glass windows.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Creating a working and pattern copy for stained glass.

With all of the new computer software allowing printed versions of a stained glass template we seem to forget about basics. The best technique still today is to create a full size draft of the panel to be made and when doing so create a "pattern" or template copy.
Print out tiled patterns as you would straight from your computer then transfer the pattern to a heavy weight working copy. Then transfer that copy to another pattern copy that will be used to create the actual template or pattern pieces.
Once you have the two copies you are ready to cut up the pattern copy with pattern shears. This may seem a bit of work but in the end will make a lot of sense and will guarantee a good fit.
A good type of paper to use that remains rigid but is easy to cut with pattern shears is #70 lb. kraft.
Large size graphite paper will be needed for pattern transfers and is available at most drafting and craft supply stores.

Stained glass patterns for quilts?

Quilters have often used stained glass patterns. The great thing is many websites that offer stained glass instruction and galleries also offer free stained glass patterns that may be used for other crafts including quilting.
The patterns may also be adapted to many other crafts where a simple line drawing is all that's needed.
One of the oldest websites for free stained glass patterns is still going strong looking for the newest offerings online. You can visit it here...

Free Stained Glass Patterns on the Web

Resize stained glass patterns on website...

I just found a site where you can resize stained glass pattern right from the site. There are quite a few free stained glass patterns you can use now.

Heart with rose stained glass stepping stone pattern.

Here's a fairly easy to do pattern for the heart shaped stepping stone forms. Click on the pattern for printable version.