Sunday, September 7, 2008

Autumn and Stained Glass

As summer winds down and the kids get back to their school schedules we start to look toward getting a few extra stained glass projects done. The cooler temperatures and coming holidays create an environment in most of our studios for a need to produce atmosphere :)
Many homeowners use this time on the calendar to spruce up their dwellings and often include stained glass in their plans. It seems like everyone who put off decorating during the summer months all join in and expect completion of their commission by the holidays. If you have a retail studio you know exactly what I mean!
This is not a bad thing but would be nice if it spread out a bit more to allow projects to be concluded. In a previous studio I worked at we jokingly used the term "midnight stained glass" more than once.

Many craft fairs are run throughout the fall months where stained glass crafts are often available. Seasonally themed items sell well mixed into a showcase of glass wares.
Holiday decor in glass is very popular and with the internet available along with the hundreds of stained glass books on the subject there is quite a bit to choose from for pattern ideas and inspiration.

I like to start with an image search. Here's a few helpful image search links:
Halloween Stained Glass Patterns
Holiday Stained Glass Patterns
Christmas Stained Glass Patterns
Try adding "art glass" and you get a different result :)

As always please respect any copyright statements when using images found online.

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